As time goes by

Days just seem to go by while I am waiting for everything to get back to normal (school starts in two weeks). I am making very slow progress on my craft projects at the moment, some days I just choose to give up after 136 interruptions by needing kids. But hey, I wanted to have them so what am I complaining about! So then I just talk to my flowers on the patio instead and try to zoom in the nice spots in our cluttered home. And I go on to do all those things mums usually do while my head is boiling with new ideas (yes, it's been HOT here!).
I am very proud to tell you that Holly from decor8 has picked my shop for her Etsy Take Five Tuesday today! She talks so nicely about my work, thank you! Thanks so much Malka for letting me know about it! Malka makes the most amazing quilts from a mix of her own hand dyed and batiked fabrics and commercial fabrics. If you haven't seen Malka's quilts already you should move on to her flickr or her shop now! Just look at this Great Aunt Irma Patchwork Mini Quilt, I love the faded colours, but I also adore the lime green wall that she uses as background for her shop photos!


Karen said...

great feature! Congratulations, and we are wilting here too!

trash said...

Congratulations on being featured - your work deserves it!

Would you like some of our gloom?

nathalie bearden said...

this is wonderful news kajsa! i love reading decor8!!!! i will have to go see this mention! my jungle house arrived!! i love it!!! you are too cute! i love this play kitchen. you will see the playroom at the new house. you will love it!...i think!

LizzieJane said...

Congratulations it is very well deserved!
We are not wilting here, we are having a very cool summer this year, I actually wore a sweater today!

Mette said...

Congratulations, Kajsa. I love Malka's work. She is very talented and she can do miracles with her choise of colours and fabric. Enjoy your days, Kajsa. It will soon be normal days again. Suddenly your children are big as mine.

Unknown said...

Wonderful spot on decor8 !

You deserve it - congradulations!

Apryl said...

congratulations on being featured.

I know what you mean about waiting for school to begin. My son is 4 and starts school in september, but he does go to preschool/nursery a day or so a week... without that I think I would be in a mental home clutching a ball of wool, an a paintbrush whilst I sing incoherently.

H is good most of the time really, but the other day he uptipped half a huge jar of hamma beads all over his room... it took 3 hours to clean up as the vacuum is broken. we did have fun yesterday making painted peg dolls though!

Mrs Moog said...

That's a great feature - how exciting!!

I can't wish for school to start just yet as my two have only been off for one week!!

Just think of all the lovely crafting you have to look forward to :)


Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Oh my, that photo of your little one is adorable:)

Congrats on decor8!!!