Hello my name is stupid

I broke my camera! Left it on the floor during a photo session and accidentally kicked it. And obviously destroyed the zoom and lens thing. No kids involved. Just me. HOW CAN I BE SO DAMN STUPID? Just when we have a huuuge car bill to pay. And just when I got my shop up and running again. Does this mean that I can buy a new and better camera now?

The picture is from my kids drawing corner in the living room and has nothing to do with the accident. When we moved to this apartment I decided to try to furnish our home after our needs and what we actually do at home. One thing was the issue with the crayons and drawings that used to live on our dinner table. So they got this table next to my sewing corner. We also have room for a sofa and a tv, an armchair, a play kitchen and a bookshelf. So this really is a family room. You can make a lot of a small space. It's just a matter of organizing an being open for solutions out of the ordinary. Damn camera.


I love sewing! And tea too

I'm doing what I should. I'm sewing, sewing and sewing. Except today is Saturday so I will have to entertain my family a bit. I have been working a lot in linen again and it feels very much like me so I will probably continue this way. I got a wholesale order for cushion covers so I decided to reuse my animal designs. I placed them on a line of patches that matches the fabric in the back. The back is made from floral cotton to brighten it all up. More pics in my flickr.

I also made the first of a set of alphabet quilts I have planned. Thought they would be nice to decorate the kidsroom with, or why not a work space for a grown-up with a sense of humour and a love for the cute. In other words some happy and naive individual like myself :) The next letter might be an H, thinking hippo, hat, house, hedgehog, horse...

I also did a little teacup quilt inspired by a piece of old
lace I found in an old sewing table from the 1950's that I got recently (need to take a pic and tell you the whole story soon)! My friend Laurraine is the master of quilted teacups, go see her shop! She also has a flickr and is the founder of a flickr group for tea related craft stuff. Go there and get inspired!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments on my last post! Your support means a lot to me. And I promise that my next post will be on the interactive project!


On my own

I'm tired and it's late but I just wanted to celebrate my first day as an (almost) full-time crafter with a few lines. Little e spent his first day without mum at daycare and everything went fine, he seems to enjoy the company. And the food. And I spent the whole day sewing like it was the last day of my life. I still have a hard time believing that this is for real and that I will be able to do it all over tomorrow again. It might take a few days before i can KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON like on Kirsten's new poster. But who knows if I will have to get a real job someday soon and this will just be a beautiful dream... So carpe diem! I say. Go to bed! You say. But I have to tell you about the vintage book my MiL found at the fleamarket. Lillemor gets a quilt for her birthday and every patch in it has a story to tell, so every night she gets to hear a different story. Wonderful inside and out. Good night!


Party me

So that's me as a bride's maid. I didn't want a conventional dress, so I chose to dress up a an English curtain... Seriously I liked it and thought it fit alright in the country environment. Big E in the background wears this. I am quite unused to dress up and I even went to the hairdressers to get my hair done so I felt great :) I should go to more parties. You should too. So much everyday life. Which reminds me that little E's potty training has succeed lately. AND I have been training two days at daycare with him now. Next week I will have more time to party by the sewing machine. I had to start off today anyway. Can't wait anymore, my sketch book is getting full after a Summer with so few crafting moments. Next stage of the interactive project will be up soon. And I can't wait to update the poor shop. I will make a series of cushion/pillow covers à la syko and finish house number 4, if you remember this project.


Stage 1 completed

It was great to come home after a busy week (I was a bride's maid at my best friend's wedding!) to complete stage 1 of the interactive project. Of course I drew one of the yikes, life in yonder's suggestion "a girl like you with a sewing machine". But I must say it was quite a relief I did not happen to pick the Schnauzer Anina suggested... That sounded really hard. So the girl is ready. I hope you like her, I placed her in the left corner of the white background piece. Now I would like to have ten more suggestions please!