Things I Love a Thursday like this

Forgot it's Thursday! Today I love this frog that was stretching his winter legs in our garden. I love that my tulips that I planted being VERY pregnant last autumn seem to be a success, can't wait to see them in bloom! And I love that I have lost all my pregnancy kilos and enjoy looking at this picture of me and Little E!

Spring is finally here, we have had +15 C the last three days and it's just too wonderful. So we've spent most of the time outdoors. We made a cottage for big E with sprays from the appletree (it looks much better now), the cottage is going to be coverd of Lathyrus oduratus 'Royal White' and pink too, have to buy some more. The last snow melted in the shady corner of the garden (to be) yesterday. I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can plant my flowers, but there is whole lot of digging to do before that... On the right side of the 'cottage' there is going to grow vegetables...



Ett säkert vårtecken finns på vårt matbord, tussilagon blommar! Kanske för att stora E och jag sjungit sången om lilla tussilago varje kväll den senaste månaden. Eller så för att det äntligen är vår.

Signs of Spring on our table.

I have a confession to make... I've promised myself not to buy any crafts supplies in April, but I had to buy some yarn for Easter and I don't feel sorry at all :) We went to visit my MiL so I had to have something to do, I decided to finish the dotty socks for my sister and ran out of yarn so I just had to buy some more because I really want to finish this project! BUT with MiL looking after the kids I spent most of Easter reading Girl With a Pearl by Tracey Chevalier... Wonderful book for a Mum who want's to take some time off and dream away! Have to get her newest book too!

I've been working on reducing my stash, I'm making small pouches, I can't finish them though cause I don't have any zippers. There is one of them on the picture, had to show it togehter with the unfinished socks when I realised how well they go together :) The dotty fabric is for the back.


Here comes the sun!

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting, little darling, it feels like years since it's been clear. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say - it's allright!

Yesterday we had our first sunny Spring day and I was singing Beatles all day long! Today big E tried out her bike after a loong pause. Her friend "the Easter rabbit" enjoyed his ride in the yellow house. Little E turns 6 months today so here is a picture of him too in his Polarn o Pyret pyjamas, I love their clothes, they never get out of fashion! Little E got a new Spring hat- made of his dad's old trousers, so I'm really using what I have!


Spring what is that?

We're all tired of waiting now. Spring should be here. Now. And then it starts snowing. We took a walk in the forrest yesterday, that helped to calm things down a bit... And I finished my Spring table cloth (the picture) in time for Easter! I'm quite proud of the quilting, I never get enough of green vines! I love to get stuff out of the way! Today I finished one of the dotty socks I started on a few months ago, a good TV project, I WILL make the other one now. I'll show it when they're both ready. My project for the coming weeks will be to cover a jacket with Union Jacks for my dad. It's supposed to match his drum set :) His birthday 4th May is my deadline. I got a flag from him, I'm thinking about making a softie out of it as a surprise gift to go with the jacket... I haven't found any buttons with the Brittish flag, anyone have a clue where I can get any?


Yellow and orange

I joined the color-iffic swap-o-rama for May and got inspired. The theme colours are yellow and orange. I made two handmade itmes already, I'm not sure if my partner will like them though... I have anotyher thing in mind for her too, looking at her pictures and flickr-favs I think I know one thing she really loves... And of course I used what I had at home when I made them!

A springy pouch and a rosy patchwork keyring with a surprise in the middle...


Det snöar ute, men Elsa och jag har planterat narcisser och satt ut på trappan. Nu är det vår vare sig det vill eller inte! En gubbe som gick förbi (jag hörde honom genom fönstret) tyckte "att de där har minsann börjat med vårblommorna i tid". Men han kanske inte visste att narcisser tål frost!

Thrifted goods 1 April:

chair: 3 euros
sewing machine: 1 euro!!! (I don't know if it works yet)

toy from the 1970's by aarikka: 80 cent
polkadot babyshirt: 10 cent

Wonderful place, Iwant to go back! We bought an armchair for 8 euros too. Like fleamarkets used to be, cheap finds!

Jag blev SÅ glad när jag fick en beställning på en filt! Men det var förstås svårt att hinna få den färdig i tid, minuterna, timmarna och dagarna går ju två gånger snabbare med två barn... Så det här hinner jag ju absolut inte med. Egentligen. Hoppas mottagaren gillar den, försökte välja färger som fanns i mitt lager och i hennes garderob.

I finished this baby blanket to day and I will get paid for it, hurray! I hope the recievers will like it!