I did not think it would take this long for me to be back in business with my sewing. Now I'm finally getting
there. I just can't work if my space and my stuff is not in order. I googled clean desk and found out I'm not alone... You wouldn't believe this if you saw my home. Really.

Little E and I built the new ikea shelf together, he gave me one screw at a time :)
I had to take a smaller shelf than planned, our car has its limitations. I'm quite happy with it anyway. AND I got to spend a whole day in Helsinki with my best friend (and no kids), trying out wedding dresses for her. We had a wonderful time!

I'm on a diet, not because I have a weight problem but because I want to get rid of my rash. I want to get well NOW! No grain, no sugar, no milk. I've made it two days and it feels better already! My kids love the smoothies I make to get something sweet an healthy. This is frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1 apple, some almonds and rice milk. Served in a thrifted strawberry bowl.


Optimistic red

is the colour of the day.

Todays News:
1. I have been featured on the optimist blog!
2. I work on the flickr embroidery blog on Fridays.
3. Little E is 1½ today. He is great.


Yellow new home

It's great to be back here after a long period of packing and unpacking and then a short period of living without an Internet connection (1½ weeks that felt like a million years... I know I'm a spoilt kid). However I feel a little empty since I haven't had the opportunity to do anything crafty in our new home yet, except a few chicks for Easter. Everything else is nearly in order here, but my favourite part is still very unorganised. I'm waiting for time and money to go and get myself a new shelf. So since I haven't got anything crafty to show you I decided to go look for some yellow. I'd like to call my photo "how to justify a yellow ashtray".
Thank you Stephanie and Julie for the inspiration!
AND you can see a hint of a very typical house in the area we live in. There was a time when I was convinced I would never live happily in the suburb. Here I am, three bedrooms (rented though), two kids, one partner, one car, no dog ;-)

I don't want to forget to thank you all for your very kind comments on my last post! You are great!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

*oh, and it's not me that smokes...*