Torsdag / Thursday. I had to join this photo pool too. I got the bag from my MiL, it makes my chaos look like it had a purpose... And if I lack the time for sewing I have time to love my son (and the poster in the background, it's from the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm, a modern cross-stitch pattern!) and my home: Hem ljuva hem= Home sweet (and slightly chaotic) home!

Sorry for the messy layout, I'm still trying to figure out how all this works... Next project will be to get a syko-picture to join the heading.


Use what you have

Jag hittade detta i en påse långt inne i skåpet... Börjat på det på en kurs jag glömt att jag gått på... Dags att göra någonting åt situationen! Nästa månad köper jag INGENTING nytt.

Jag joinar detta goda initiativ:

In April I promise not to buy anything crafty, I'll use what I have because I can no longer remember what I have in my closets- I found this embroidery today, which I had totally forgotten about...


Monstret Morgareta. Elsa ritade och jag sydde.

My daughter did the drawing - I did the sewing. It was a very short 1 ½ hours in the car!


Nu börjar det stora syko-äventyret... Jag bjuder på filttårta!