Theme Finland part 2

Ask a Finn to name a typical Finnish animal and he will answer elk. Ask a tourist which animal he would like to see during his stay in Finland. He will probably say elk. Here's my version.

*yes, it's another pouch*


Happy day
I have had Greek salad for lunch, cut three dresses, looked at my flowers growing, been quiet, made a pear tree pouch (a custom order), watched TV in the middle of the day, talked a long time in the phone without any disturbance, had sandwiches for dinner, finished one dress, taken some photos, surfed the internet, laid on the sofa dreaming of a future in a house of our own in a small town close to the sea... I am home alone and I love it!

These linen dresses will be up in the shop this week. I used the bird big E and I created together again and used our favourite materials too. I love linen, she loves tulle. And checkout my homemade tags! Couldn't decide on what to order, where from and how many so I just made some myself. Easy.

I hope you are enjoying yourselves too!


Linen and a tulip

Sorry, but you'll have to wait awhile for the Finland part2 post. Thanks for all your nice comments about my Finnish lion anyway! I have a couple of other things on the same theme that I will show you soon-ish. I just have another project that feels more tempting right now. Or maybe two... I made another make-up pouch that I quite like, I found a great dotty shirt second hand that I lined it with. The follow-your-heart-theme will continue in my next project, i bought some wonderful linens today. And I left some wonderful ones back in the store, buuhuu... Anyway I can't wait to get them washed and to start cutting them up! Little E broke that tulip for me. I like them very much, they were planted by a previous owner and it was a nice surprise when they showed up.

And since I am not digging where I stand today go see artist Janet Bell in Chester, UK. Her house paintings are just wonderful! She also has a blog.


Finland part 1

Blogland is a very international community which I enjoy wholeheartedly. I find it very easy to get inspired by stuff from far away exotic places. So I have challenged myself to dig where I stand and make a few things that are based om typical Finnish symbols. So first out is a pouch with the Finnish lion (suomileijona), which is the official Coat of Arms of Finland and also the name of the Finnish hockeyteam. Ice hockey is a really big thing over here (not in my house, but in the rest of the country...). I think you have to be a Finn to understand that the look of my lion says that Finland got silver in the World championship... Before I make a fool out of myself I will stop talking about sports.

Pretty/Modest has featured me over at her blog, thank you very much. My circus cat is so proud to be in such good company ;-)

The birds are still flying around in my craft room, here is one and two new additions. Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for more thrilling facts about Finland!



No craft news from here today, except this mini quilt I made a while ago and forgot to show you. Been back at my old workplace lecturing two days which has disturbed my production line... I have a huge pile of zip pouches on the go.

I've been tagged by Julie so I'll try my best to reveal some juicy facts about myself today :)

The rules:
• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
• Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names

1. I talk a lot, laugh a lot and make bad jokes all the time
2. I am 30 and I think this is the best period of my life until now
3. I am broke. Last night I dreamed I had 118 000 euros on my bank account
4. I used to be a post grad student at the university, I quit to become a full-time crafter. I am too restless to sit by a desk all day.
5. I am very tired of writing analytic texts, which is why my blog is about crafting and cleaning (haha)
6. I have a sign above my door that says My house was clean last week. Sorry you missed it! If you ever come to visit me I will probably say something like that. Seriously. I got the sign from my mum. She knows me very well.
7. I never thought having a blog would be this great and that I would meet such wonderful people out there that share my passion for fabric and thread. Among other things.

I try to tag the seven girls that made the first comments on my last post, sorry: Di, Mirre, Anina, Kirsty, Amandajean, Krista, Kristin

*edit* That quilt is supposed to reflect my current situation... *



I thought my first two houses became so picturesque that I decided to let the concrete bloom in house number three. Happiness can live in an ugly house too! I'm working on house number 4 now, it will have something to do with Finnish Summer...

When we moved we moved away from a great backyard (with possibilities to become a garden), now we just have a small patio. But my garden dreams are as crazy as they were last year. Planning the ultimate flowers for the little spot I have makes it hard to sleep at night. I'm sure it will be great, I just wish Spring would come a little faster, the wind has been so cold the last weeks I haven't been in the mood to go out at all. = Crafting time! Little E has a fever so I guess there will be more of it tomorrow. In between doing this.