An interactive project for you and me

etsy is running a poster contest which I enjoyed making an entry for. Here it is , whimsy, happy and childish. As me :-)

Julie has just finished a fascinating project on her blog (go see her shop too). I have decided to copy the great idea but I will do it all on fabric. So here' s the deal. I have a piece of white fabric waiting to become a little arty quilt and you are going to help me fill it (I hope). I will use appliqué and embroidery (and hopefully some buttons too). So please tell me what YOU would like to see on it by leaving a message here! I will:

1. wait until I have got ten suggestions
2. draw one of them
3. do my best to do as you wish
4. go through 10 stages
5. draw a winner among all the people who has come with one of the ten first suggestions at any stage

I hope you would like to join me on this, I'm sure it will be great fun! I will be away for a week, my very good friend is getting married but after that I will start with the first task.


Mood swings and a sale

In August my little baby boy will start at daycare and my career as a full-time crafter will begin. I can't wait to have the children away for a few hours a day and have time to craft and think without getting interrupted. At the same time I feel excited and nervous and these cold Summer days has given me a little too much time to think about the future. (We are also planning to move to a new town, buy our first house and take a huge bank loan...) Please give us some hot and lazy Summer days, my brains need to slow down!

I am having a little Summer sale in the shop to give room for the "Autumn collection", which I have had lots of time to think about and no time at all to start working on. I am not alone! Look at Jenny's beautiful way of putting it!

Oh, and if you need to brighten up your mind too, go and look at Marc Johns's drawings. So brilliant!


Red panda

In Switzerland we visited Zoo Zürich and had a great time. The main attraction was supposed to be a red panda. Which we never saw a glimpse. Back home I decided that my next member in the animal pouch family had to be a panda. In a red Marimekko dress. He has a little party in the shop.


Greetings from Switzerland

I don't feel like being on a break anymore so I think I'm back! I went to Switzerland alone with my two kids last week to visit my sister. It was an exciting first flight and trip abroad for them but everything went fine and we had a great time. I can highly recommend Zürich as a safe and nice place to travel with kids. Two big toy stores, zoo, trams, water and big green parks. AND they have some great souvenirs to take home. I chose a SOUVENIR as you can see... I also found a treasure box full of buttons at the cleanest thriftstore I've ever visited. More pictures from our trip here.
I am happy to tell you that I am a proud owner of this teacup print by Seealso. It is the first in a collection of etsy teaprints I'm planning to get for our kitchen wall. Any suggestions or any tea-art of your own to offer me?

I'll be back soon with a little new crafting. I'm working on a big wedding gift, three more weeks to go...