Today was a great day in many ways. Big E has been eating and talking again (she's had stomatitis), she stopped doing both last Friday and before we learnt what she suffered from we got quite scared. We rushed to the hospital when she even refused to drink strawberry juice with a str
aw! We are so happy she got well before Christmas! AND we got snow yesterday! They say it will melt again, but I am quite sure the forecasts are wrong what do they really know, of course we are going to have a white Christmas now. It is so light and very beautiful! Since we have onle six hours of sun right now it really makes a diffrence. Christmas lights a little here and there in the house is my favourite decoration this year as you can see. Light, light, light!

Me and big E got so energetic with all the good news that we started to rearrange the whole household... We changed bedrooms, the kids are going to have the bigger room and we are having the small one. And while I'm on it I'm going to go through my closet and sort out all the clothes I never use. We moved in well over ayear ago and its been a mess ever since. My mum and sister are coming here for Christmas so I rely on them :) Mum promised to help. This is the only way of cleaning up I really enjoy, feels like a new start. I need to have a go with my sewing corner as well... So, no christmas tree here yet so I am not to blame...



Tulips in the mailbox

Look at these flowers I got in the mail today! As the etsy addict I have become I made a treasury list (learn more about it here) with the theme Christmas flowers. I love fresh tulips at Christmas so I added these lovely napkins by margotbianca to my list. And after a while I got a convo from someone telling m e my list had reached etsy's fromtpage. Margot got so happy she decided to send me these georgeous napkins, please go visit her shop, it would make me happy too! I can convince you that her work is very well done!

The only Christmas present I have managed to make this year is this cloak and crown I made for a little six year old prince (his sister just turned three and got a princess dress that made him green...). The top is a pathwork of velvet fabrics and the lining is golden satin, I quilted stars with golden thread on the velvet, great fun! I decorated the crown with buttons, of course! If M doesn't like them, he doesn't want to be a prince ;-) I'm hoping to get a better picture later of the prince himself!


It's been nearly a month since my last post. I've been using most of my spare time for sewing stuff to take to the Christmas fair (Kvinnornas julmässa - Naisten joulumessut) that I attended last week with my mum and sister. It was very fun and also surprisingly tough to stand from 10-18 five days in a row. Little E joined us and behaved like a little prince. I got many compliments for my pouches which made me very happy because they are really fun to do and I have plenty of ideas for new designs. The ones I have left are now up in my etsy shop. The monkey pouch is the most fresh produce, ruby crowned kinglette suggested I should put a banana on his head :-) I have a few tote bags that I will add soon too. I need to develop a better pattern for bags (reminder for myself). It was so inpiring being in the middle of a crowd of creative women so we started to plan products for next year already the first day at the fair :) I am thinking about fabric bowls of some kind and then I want to make mini wallhangings/ fabric paintings. First out will be a robot I think, I want to make something for small boys.

I'll be back in a day or two to tell you more about what we've been up to. I've promised to do some Christmas crafts with big E so I'll show off the results soon. We bought a Christmas tree for the Barbie dolls yesterday and have started to decorate it :-)