3 things ready in one day!!

Yesterday was a good day except little E was whining all day. But he slept a few times in between so I finished big E's placemat. Thank you Moonstiches for the inspiration! Elsa wrote her name on it and I did the embroidery on it.

The small pictures of details of the placemat and one of the pouches I also finished are supposed to symbolize the fact that there is a macro button on my camera. And I found it. It was very easy. It took me half a year. And I'm so stupid. I have to do some practise using it as you can see on the bird.


Just wanted to show you I'm alive... We where invited to a birthday party today, little E's friend turned 1 so I had to make something for him. I decided to make a simple bag with room for lots of stuff. I always end up using plastic bags for our stuff so I should make some for us too...

I'm really hoping to win a piece of this
great fabric that Moonstiches wants to give away to us poor people living in the undeveloped west (I'm talking about fabrics now of course.