Ornaments for a swap

ornaments for a swap, originally uploaded by -syko-.

In October I thought I would have lots of time to make a few ornaments for a little swap in late November... Ha-ha. Just a few days late these two are ready to fly to their new owners! I hope they will like them! The little house has a surprise behind the door :-) Everything is red and white, my theme song for this Christmas. I like how the angel turned out so now I would like to make her some sisters. But first I really have to finish a bunch of cushion covers I'm working on.

For those of you who are in Finland I would be very happy to meet you at the Christmas fair at the Old Great Square next Saturday-Sunday (1-2.12) at 12-17 here in Turku!


Christmas at home

Christmas curtain detail, originally uploaded by -syko-.

I'm so proud of myself for making these curtains for our kitchen window this morning. It was a great frosty morning and I woke up to see the Christmas lights we put on the balcony yesterday so I got a good start. We are going to have a real old fashioned Christmas this year, twelve people(!) around the table and then you just can't have a poppy curtain in your window, can you? I know it's not even December yet, but I have a Christmas fair next weekend so there won't be much time for decorating. And if there is something I love it is decorating my home for Christmas. Our home is quite a mess usually, I feel I have more important things to do than to run around picking up toys and clothes and stuff, but the month before Christmas I become as much of a perfectionist as someone like me can be. If only the kids would join me, or even play with red and white toys only. It would look so nice....


Making paper bags

Making paper bags Step 2, originally uploaded by -syko-.

What do you do when you want to think green and need something nice to put your products in at craft fairs? You think crafty! It helps out if you have Christmas issues of different home deco magazines from "a couple of years" back. It's simple!

Step one. Collect your mags. Go through them, do you really need to save this issue from 1998? No.
Step one and a half (forgot to take a pic). Cut out the pages and pick out the nice ones.
Step two. Take some red thread and start producing.
Step three. Eco-friendly, cheap and crafty bags!


A friend in the studio

Me in the "studio", originally uploaded by -syko-.

My friend Anne came over to help me stuff some houses and gnomes today, we had a really nice time chatting away. She took a shot of me in my "creative chaos" and I decided to be brave and show it to you, because I know of experience that many people love to see other people's mess (I'm one of them). I need more space desperately, I wish I could sew myself a studio! But then again, spending the Finnish winter in a tent. Maybe not.

Check out tabitha emma's blog! She featured my stuff together with some great etsy Christmas decorations! Thanks!

Thank you for you encouraging comments on my last post on making houses!

I hope I did not scare any potential customers away with this post...


Houses on a hill

Houses on a hill, originally uploaded by -syko-.

Many of you have seen the house ornaments on flickr already, but I thought I'd talk a little about them anyway. You see I've been trying to push myself to make angel ornaments for the Christmas fairs. They've sold quite well before but they are very time consuming to make and I simply do not feel like making them anymore. So I asked myself:

-Who's the boss?
-Do I have to make (the darn time consuming) angels I always do for Christmas?
-Can I make houses instead?
-Will people like them?
-No idea, but it's important that you like what you're doing! (And besides everyone makes angels, and people want something new.....)

Yay! So I'll just make a bunch of houses and cross my fingers. They are available in the shop too.

It's been a crazy flow lately, a wholesale order with a tight time schedule, kid with stomach flu, head bursting of ideas, laundry to wash, grumpy T that has stopped smoking and just too many projects and too little time.

Go and vote for your favourite in the Holiday Softies awards! My tomte did not make it this time, but check out this amazing snowman made by Cupcakes for Clara!


Goodbye to plastic bags

Laundry bag, originally uploaded by -syko-.

My mum and sister visited us a couple of weeks ago and we discussed what to do with the small laundry that is produced during a trip. And we agreed that plastic bags are no good for socks and stuff. Or shoes. So I came up with this new practical idea for a product. The cotton drawstring bag is washable in itself too.

Not much to tell otherwise, sewing and creating. How I love my days! Oh, I did some shopping, got older last week so thought I needed some presents... I'm waiting for another order. Who can resist a clothesline fabric really (I promise to show it off when it arrives!)?

I took the handmade pledge, we're going to have a handmade Christmas! Some gift ideas: 5-year old daughter, 2-year old son, 26-year old graphic designer brother. These would be great for all of them. More etsy gifts later!