Greasy give away

Inspired by the wonderful winter weather I made this little quilt. Which I am going to give away. I have a terrible rash on my hands (and all over my body) for some reason. I have always been allergic but this takes the prize. Stress? Something I ate? Evil mind? I managed to get some greasy stains on the hills from my hand lotion. So I can't sell it. If you don't mind the grease (it's not that bad), comment on this post and I'll send it to you! If there are more than one who likes it I will have to draw a winner :)



I was going through the list of featured sellers on etsy the other day, among other things they ask the sellers where they find inpiration. I started to make my own list in my head while walking little E to sleep. So here it goes (make your own on your blog if you like and come back and let me know!):

  • people and their colours. I love how people have their own favourite colour combos. Meeting a new person can make me fall in love with a colour shade I didn't use before or didn't even know existed. Which leeds us to: - colours and combinations of colours
  • fabrics, materials, structures
  • beautiful pictures (there are so many good illustrators out there!)
  • kids drawings (so fascinating and ... makes me accept my own drawings)
  • Snow!!! And light! The dark times of floods and November rains are over! Now we live in Winter Wonderland, hurray! It snowed so much today I couldn't take my camera outside, but I will tomorrow!

And the Rabbit-with-a-K-bag is in the shop. I grabbed that Laura Ashley-fabric in the store because I liked the calm colour scheme and suddenly a bunny just appeared on it. I'm making more bags, it's great to make something bigger for a change, and I'm satisified with the size and shape of it. In school I used to carry around all my books in my bag because I was too lazy to take away the non-homework ones from day to day. That was just to tell you why I need a big handbag.


Thank you!

Thanks for your support! I'm so happy to have such great tea company out there! It turned out I got ill, which makes my bad temper a little bit more acceptable... And I finished my road bag as you can see. I followed simple sparrows example and took a pic of me to show you that there is a face behind this blog. I promise to reveal things about myself too, but that will be another day. It's late. Good night.


Tea please, now!!

I'm going to kill someone. Soon. I have so many ideas, but the family wont leave me alone with them for a second. Arrgh. I think I'd better do it the English way and make myself a cup of tea, and join Risa's teaparty (which I acctually missed, but I still need some tea and company, join me here if you like! Any angry mothers out there?). I did some really good finds at the fleamarket yesterday. The mug I'm having my tea from is a great addition to my collection of cups with numbers on, I got these coffee cups for Christmas last year. The tin I have my teabags in is from Marimekko (shop Finnish design on sale here. Look at Rinne Niinikoski's great clothes for example!). I will have my favourite tea, Keisarin morsian (the
Emperor's bride) from Nordqvist. To celebrate the teaparty I'm going to put this tea cosy up for sale in the shop today.
I know my expectations are too high. I acctually got 15 minutes of sewing time and got this drapery made for the kid's room. Finally. I hate sewing straight seams. But I love the Designer's guild fabric and I love the price I paid for it in the favourite fabric shop I always talk about (desgner fabrics, vintage buttons, zippers and trims and a lot of rubbish). So I guess I should feel happy I got this finished. Now tea.



No snow, but sun, sun, sun today! I've felt so energetic just beacuse we got a few hours sunlight today. And I do realise that I've become one of those old farts that talk about nothing but the weather... But when you only have six hours of so called daylight you get like this. But I will talk about other things! Now.

I found a linen fabric that was exactly what I was looking for for my bags. It is firm enough to give some structure, the price was very ok and it was even Made in Finland. It has a quite strong natural smell, but that just adds a country feeling to it, MOOH! The picture is a sneak peak of my first bag Q
ueen of the road.

I thought it was time to do some swapping so when I saw this I had to join and I'm very excited! I love putting together colour-themed packages so I got a great partner :-)

I've started to collect fabrics for a robot- and space wallhanging design . I have a bunch of pouches waiting for zippers, but they can wait, I need to do other stuff in between. As if I had the time... I love the 1930's print (I think it's Laura Ashley) I found in my favourite fabric store. The buttons are robo-eyes.



Happy new year to all old and new friends from me and the partydog (who is very happy everything is, nearly, back to normal)! My blogging time is minimal these days since T works at home and we have only one computer. We will have to move to ge more space, he needs an office and we need a proper bedroom (sitting here in the dark trying not to wake up the little one who refuses to sleep in the kids room). I hate the thought of packing and having to put away my sewing stuff for weeks again. All those ideas getting lost in that awful chaos... But its also a new start, just need to find that perfect house soon! Sigh.

Crafting. I'm trying to figure out a simple and good pattern for a bag. I try to convince myself it does not have to be perfect at the first try...

Outdoors. The weather is very strange, its like November, dark and rainy. And it is impossible to take pictures. I want snow and sunlight, how hard can it be?

Surfing. I haven't spent so much time at the computer lately, but I did some window shopping on etsy, my wishlist:
* a necklace
* a chair
* a chandelier
* a tee with scissors
* art for the walls and more
* and a tee for him

This will be a great year, I can feel it!