Never get enough of them. This piece is based on an aquarel I did together with my 4-year old daughter. I first drew the bodies and then we coloured them together. She got the brilliant idea to draw claws and beaks for them. And punky hair! She's so clever! So I had to start a new sewing project... More pictures on flickr. I think these birds will fly on coming quilts of mine, I like how they look so much! One is already flying over a house I've sketched.

I found some human friends for my animal-and-bird-pouches here. So cute! And take some time to look at miss Pompon's photostream, these pigeons for example. Her creations are amazing!

I'm going away with the kids for a week, don't know how I will manage without my sewing machine. But I will meet good friends, and there ARE fabric shops where they live too :) So I guess it will be all great. Then I have to come home and start packing. Have I told you a million times that we are moving
already? Well we are. Only a month left. Tomorrow I will take a bunch of stuff to the fleamarket. I will. But can I just make a small house quilt first?



Today was one of those great days when I got a note from the post office that I had a big letter waiting for me. I had to pick up big E a little early to get it sooner... And I was so spoilt!! Thanks a million Kristin! As I said I really hope the fleamarket collection I put together for you was worth it... I need to take better pictures tomorrow of everything. You can enjoy them in my flickr album later. In the meantime you can look at the wonderful little pincushion I got! Thanks Ellia for organizing a great swap!

Me and big E started a dinosaur project this weekend, it's going to become a quilt finally (or maybe we'll end up with a small cushion, who knows.)

Kristina asked me when I craft. I admitted I don't clean my house so much... And if you look closely at the picture of my daughter's jam-hearted porridge you can see what my kids do to my antique table while I'm crafting. This might be a good idea for us... And speaking about chalk I made another little bird quilt. I just don't know how to take a good picture of it!! I thought it would make a fun graduation gift :) Acctually I was thinking about my own situation when I got the idea...


Tea for ten

Today Little E is 16 months. He loves to read and happily we have the same taste. The alltime favourite illustrator and writer of children's books in our family is Swedish Lena Anderson. You might know the books about Linnea in Monet's garden that she wrote already in the 1970's (and got famous for). We love her newer books. Personally I would love to move in to the little hedgehog Kotten and her baby and have tea from one of her odd teacups (my daughter and I are argueing about who likes the polkadot one most...). And the kids love the rhymes! The one you see on the picture is available in English, Tea for Ten! Hedgehog's secret is even better!

I am still looking for a dotty mug so I'm having my cup of the day (acctually it's coffee) from this mug with the Moomin family on that my dauhter gave me for my birthday.
I made a little quilt with a tea cup too, it is so fun to make these small art quilts! I have a few more coming.

And good luck with the ugly fabric project! (p.s. I know my water lily fabric wasn't that bad, maybe I should try a little harder...)


Ugly fabric challenge

I hereby challenge you to pick a fabric you don't like and make something beautiful (or just nice) out of it! I have written about my feelings for ugly fabrics before. I will never be one of those people who can stick to one colour scheme or a distinct style. I would feel too sorry for all those pieces of fabrics I'd have to leave out. The strange thing is I usually end up using those fabrics that somehow ended up in my stash and I thought I'd never use. Must be more of a challenge I guess. Today I made a few pouhes of this water lily fabric that I honestly did not like. They came out fine. So come on girls! Pick up those ugly pieces of fabric, make something nice, and give it away! Your chance to finally get rid of it! Or fall in love with something you thought you couldn't stand. Or just sell it like I am trying to do :) Or send it to me (just kidding). Have a nice day! We are going to stand up to the cold today and go out, can't stay inside for a whole day again!!


And the winner is...
Kristin! I promise I didn't just pick you because I'm going to send a package your way this week anyway (Kristin is my swap partner in greenbeanbaby's valentine's swap). My daughter draw the winner. Of course I would like to give away stuff to all of you now! I might make it a tradition to give away stuff I have destroyed :-) I wonder if you would like the little white quilt I managed to make brown with my old iron the other day... Check out Kristin's igloo pincushion everyone! It is amazing!!

I'm working on a "wholesale" order at the moment, I am so happy that a few of my pouches will move to this lovely little shop in Brooklyn, NY!!!

Another good thing with giving away stuff was that I got 15 comments on my last post, my record! Thanks for all the symphathy, the rash is much better now, hydrocortison did the thing. Off to save the house from further destruction, Little E (15 months) loves to draw on EVERYTHING.