Mobile swap

mobile swap button, originally uploaded by elsiemarley.

I am a big fan of Elsie Marley's work, so when I saw she was arranging a mobile swap, I just could not resist! I have wanted to make a mobile for a long time, but I needed a push like this. I'm not sure what to make yet, thinking birds maybe... Buttons? Why don't you join here?

No crafts to show yet, Little E has been spending what was supposed to be his first week at Kindergarten this year at home with me. Four days of fever. Sigh.


Jenn Maruska said...

Do let us know what you decide to make for your mobile! I'm sure it will be pretty and sweet : )

Ruth said...

Hope Little E feels better soon!

tiel said...

I just joined in to this swap too. I have no idea what to make.