Giraffer på snor

Giraffer på snor, originally uploaded by -syko-.

In December I admired this book on Mette's blog Erleperle. She was so very kind to offer to help me get my hands on it. Thanks again! It was a great Christmas present to me and the kids. The best gifts are the ones that you can use to make something with, don't you think? Me and little E made some rolls from it the other day, I had to have prove that I didn't buy it as a so called coffee-table book. It HAS all the qualifications, the pictures and the layout are super yummy. Here are some projects that I would like to try:

A table cottage:

Project from Giraffer på snor

A snow "globe":

Project from Giraffer på snor

And the animal ornaments that named the book, so kitschy that I am sure my kids would love to make them:

Giraff på snor

Wehlitz Nadja and Maria (2007): Giraffer på snor. Thaning og Appel.


Mirre said...

Wow, what a wonderful coffee-table/craft book!!

iHanna said...

Snöbollen är nog en "snow globe"? Fin bok, gillar omslaget och det där kitchiga draperiet skulle jag gilla att göra också! Roligt!

Ruth said...

What a great book!!

Janet said...

Happy New year Kajsa, hope it is a great one for you, I am very sure it will be. Great book! I am planning a week of books next week, there are a few treats, be sure to stop by! xx

Yummers! said...

The book looks great! I made my girls a fabric cottage cover for a table when they were small and they had several years of fun playing in it.

Have fun creating!

Robyn said...

Does this book come in English by any chance? It looks ADORABLE!