Working joy and a find

wip February 27, originally uploaded by -syko-.

I am having a hard time calling sewing work, since it does not feel like it. At least when I can create freely. Like today. The kids are gone and I am free to work how late I feel like. Before I had kids I used to hate being alone, now I can't wait for these moments. Why can't someone create some time balancing tool for us poor struggling humans?

I got so inspired by the cushion I did yesterday so today I have developed some three, or is it five, more designs using the same display.The one on the picture has a house appliqué and some Japanese clothesline fabric, very cute :) It is fun do a little patchwork for a change. I am creating a very creative mess here building a mountain of fabrics that might look good here or there maybe?

This piece of paper appeared when I cleaned my desk this morning. Had totally forgotten about this idea, but I might make some springy bird ornaments with fairy hair and feet bells... Talking about bells for feet, my mobile has reached its new home, and they liked it! Still waiting for mine, very exciting!


kirsten + aaron said...

kajsa, all your cushions are awesome! what fun designs - i envy your sewing time!


i don't know why, but i can never log in to the typepad profile thingy.

monda-loves said...

Those feet bells are such a great idea. Love them.


Lesley said...

Can't wait to see what you make with those fabrics and the clothesline one is so cute!!

Yummers! said...

I missed your post from yesterday but I want you to know HOW MUCH I love the pillow. I looked at it on Flickr and it's as cute as can be!!

I'm anxious to see your new Spring creatures... and with bells on their feet. Will you be selling these on etsy?? Hope so!

Janet said...

I pretty much want everything you make, you just get better and better. I can see you are having fun, it totally comes across in your happy happy work. Looking forward to seeing my boats, take your time though and enjoy it! xx

Net said...

Your fabric choices look very lovely. It's great to get a break from the kids and get sewing isn't it?! Looks like you're making the most of it!

Would you like to do the 7 Random Things meme? I tagged you on my blog. :)

Chickpea said...

My heart broke when I read that the mobile went somewhere else but here (in my mail box!) I was hoping silly me :)

I haven't received mine either...it's seems like a long time to wait because i foolishly hurried and posted first.
so much for productivity.

amandajean said...

so glad to hear that you are enjoying your work so much. I know what you mean about being alone before vs. after kids. I feel the exact same way.

Anonymous said...

oh I so get this.

I could sit in my studio all day long everyday and not talk to another soul. Sometimes I feel like it is too much fun to do what I do, then sometimes I feel like I have to jump up and down to justify what I do to other people. IT IS work...I'm just loving it.