Sick business

I never get properly ill and am always cross with T when he gets the flu and stays in bed all day, it does not feel fair. Yesterday I got my fair share and was reminded of how it was to be pregnant in the early weeks and how happy I am with two kids I have...* In other words- the stomach flu hadn't given up its grip on our family just yet. I spent the whole day lying down with a fever and felt like our friend Nemo looks above. I got up once (after a bag of candy and some painkillers) to unpack my new computer. T then spent the rest of the day installing programs for me, thank you for being my nerdy secretary!!!

You might get the expression that I won the lottery buying all this new equipment, well I didn't. I got a loan for my business. A state granted loan with low fees for businesses run by women. Now I just have to work hard to pay it back. As a typical woman (I think) I gave the decision a lot of thought, but when one of the guys at my how-to-start-your-own-business-class took a
20 000€ bank loan to be able to get his business running I thought I could as well risk a little once. And it does feel great to have a computer that works as it should. Now there is just some cleaning up to do, both in the studio space and the rest of the home, a week of illness does leave its tracks.

*I did not love being pregnant. I felt sick and uninspired most of the time. But I love the result of my suffering!


Janet said...

Oh no!!! poor thing, Oh no also, your pregnancy sounds rubbish, I am shielding my ears though as we are trying!! Look after yourself x

monda-loves said...

I hope you feel better soon. Feeling sick is quite rubbish isn't it :o(

de vliegende koe said...

I hope you will feel better very soon Kajsa!
Talking about getting a loan for a business being a woman... 10 years ago bank employees told me to ask my family or my husband for the money or to take a private loan... I had to make a business plan and even then they refused a business loan. Some angel came to rescue me, so I could invest in computer-equipment, software, design stuff and furniture for my studio... I worked like crazy to pay back the private loan, so I’m completely aware of how hard you have to work. I wish you lots of luck!Take care!

Charlotte said...

yay for you getting the business loan. the time is looming where we need to start thinking about baby number two... and I feel about the same as you about pregnancy - at least you've got yours out of the way now!!!

julie said...

OOooh congrats again for the loan!! So well deserved and you will be very successful.

Chickpea said...

Although you are immensely more talented than I am, I still feel we are so alike in our situation.
The sewing machine I told you we share is not really mine either, it's also a loan from Bernina USA. I have to work for them in return.
I will declare myself as a real business this month, so that I can get some tax incentive for my husband to buy me a computer. Bravo on the loan! Girl Power ! ha! ha!