A peek inside the studio

My studio window, originally uploaded by -syko-.

My son who has had a bad version of the stomach flu is finally up on his feet again. And he eats again! I hope we have had our amount of winter illnesses for this year now. Me and little E went out to play in the snow(!) and to catch some sunshine(!) and I thought my studio looked quite fun from outside. I'm making a Spring/Summer collection of house ornaments, my first project on the new sewing machine. I had to start out with something safe and easy. Which was completely silly of course, since I've been sewing on Bernina's all my life (well, nearly). I haven't tried the BSR system yet, which is an automatic stitch regulator for free motion quilting, I'm sure I will have a lot of use for it. The machine also came with a two sole walking foot for quilting. This I can't wait to try out, I've heard it is really good for larger quilts. Aurora is actually my first sewing machine, the one I've been sewing on until now belongs to my mum so it was about time she got it back. Even if her first Bernina from the 70's is still going strong.

I had an order for a shoe bag waiting so while at it I made a few laundry bags for the shop too. I got the romantic paper it is displayed on from Elvina, a very nice shop and cafe here in Turku, they sell danish home-decorating stuff, on-line as well.

Did I mention that I love my new sewing machine?


karen said...

Your studio looks so lovely, I am jealous. I have a bernina and I love it although it is not as state of the art as yours looks.

Di said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the freeform stitching on your beautiful new machine!! It's the second post mentioning freeform stitching in 2 days!

I am glad that your son is feeling better!!

Yummers! said...

I love all the little colorful houses lined up in your window. So adorable. I think things look so cute in a bunch. One alone just doesn't do it for me.

Your machine looks lovely. Hope you love it! You certainly deserve a good machine.

I love my angel 'Gertrud' that arrived safely. I saved the envelope to use in one of my collage/mixed media pictures which I seem to be hung up on lately. I'm waiting for one to dry and will post it tomorrow.

We have 70 inches of snow... how does that compare with Finland?

seemownay said...

Wow, your machine looks really professional. I hope the features will be as expected - just great.

I have been wondering how you do your appliqués? Do you just cut them out and sew them on? Or do you fold every so little thing and then sew it? How do you keep the stuff from fraying?

life in yonder said...

Congratulations with your new sewing machine Kajsa!!! It looks smooth and cool. Looking forward to see all the future creations you will make with this :-)

de vliegende koe said...

Your studio with all the houses looks great! Good luck with your new sewing-machine Kajsa! I have to figure out the free-motion on my new machine as well. I can have an instruction at the sewing-machine shop, so I’m very curious!

Janet said...

Are they for me, are they for me????I'm doing the happy dance if that row of houses are for me!?!?!
Your studio looks delightful xx

amandajean said...

your studio does look quite lovely from the outside. I LOVE the shoe bag!

Ruth's Place said...

The studio looks lovely, and your new sewing machine is wonderful!

kirsten + aaron said...


those houses are so sweet!


Ravenhill said...

I just adore the view of your studio window. What a happy little village appearing there! I would like to move in I think. Your handmade items are so clever and creative. Happy sewing!

Attic24 said...

Oh how I love Berninas, your new purchase sounds wonderful. Mine is an old basic one from 1960's, still going strong.
And your row of little spring/summer houses look beautiful, can't wait to see them close up with all those wonderful colours.
Hope spring comes soon and your little man begins to feel better

Charlotte said...

oooh just look at that sewing machine - I want to read all about it!!

Chickpea said...

It's so weird...I started sewing on the exact same sewing machine 10 days ago!
I immediately though of your work for the BSR, it's perfect for your little art quilts.

I have received the shoe bag and I love It!

nice mobile too...I wish It was for me :)