Making it happen

making it happen, originally uploaded by betsy..

I love Betsy Walton's work and had a hard time choosing which print to buy. This however had both the colors and the theme I was looking for. It will be part of a collection of etsy art (yet to be hanged) over our sofa, the colour scheme is white and rainbow :) Now I just need to get them all framed. Shop Betsy Walton art here.

And about making things happen. Today I've taken one more step for my little business, later this week I will know if I will get the loan I've applied for which will mean a new sewing machine and a computer!


Anonymous said...

I applaud your courage to make your dreams come true. I am inspired to do likewise....I will stay posted to see how it goes. Thank you for sharing this step on your journey. I love your work....the imagery and the technique. It seems filled with delight and wonder!


Veronica TM said...

wow! that is a big step! wishing you all the best luck for the loan and the shop. i already love your creations.