Happy Santa Lucia Day

Happy Santa Lucia Day!, originally uploaded by -syko-.

Today we celebrate Santa Lucia Day in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland as well as in the rest of Scandinavia. My daughter was one of three super cute Lucias at Kindergarten yesterday so we have already started the celebration :) Tonight we are going to see our town's Lucia step down the stairs of the old dome, it is so beautiful! Finland's official Lucia is crowned in Helsinki. AND it is not raining, we have wonderful winter sun today! I hope it will stay, I have my last fair in Ekenäs this weekend, and it is outdoors. I look forward to do some serious Christmas cleaning next week!

The Lucia on the picture was made by me six years ago. Check out her striped socks!


Chara Michele said...

I love her socks! :)

Jane said...

happy santa lucia day!

natascha said...

Happy Santa Lucia day! Lovely Lucia doll.

de vliegende koe said...

Happy Santa Lucia Kajsa! I love to read about all the traditions. I love the doll!