Optimistic red

is the colour of the day.

Todays News:
1. I have been featured on the optimist blog!
2. I work on the flickr embroidery blog on Fridays.
3. Little E is 1½ today. He is great.


amandajean said...

oh, your little E is just precious!!! what a great photo.

julie said...

happy 1.5!!! Great red - dont those massive helmets always look so funny on their little heads!!
Ours is big and orange :)!!

Di said...

Happy 18 months to Little E and the rest of your family! He is adorable!!

natascha said...

Congratulations little E.

Mirre said...

What a cool little boy :))
I like his jacket!

Kristi said...

He has the cutest face, look at those rosey cheeks.