I did not think it would take this long for me to be back in business with my sewing. Now I'm finally getting
there. I just can't work if my space and my stuff is not in order. I googled clean desk and found out I'm not alone... You wouldn't believe this if you saw my home. Really.

Little E and I built the new ikea shelf together, he gave me one screw at a time :)
I had to take a smaller shelf than planned, our car has its limitations. I'm quite happy with it anyway. AND I got to spend a whole day in Helsinki with my best friend (and no kids), trying out wedding dresses for her. We had a wonderful time!

I'm on a diet, not because I have a weight problem but because I want to get rid of my rash. I want to get well NOW! No grain, no sugar, no milk. I've made it two days and it feels better already! My kids love the smoothies I make to get something sweet an healthy. This is frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1 apple, some almonds and rice milk. Served in a thrifted strawberry bowl.


AnnaA said...

Nice workspace! I want one too... I will have to make that happen somehow. :)
And a little tip: I used to have horrible exzema (eksem) when I was younger. It all went away with A-creme. Don't know if you have it in Finland though. Here in Sweden it's sold in health stores. http://www.a-creme.com/
Aaaanyway... Just wanted to tell you.

kirsten said...

i'm sorry you still have rash problems - but glad to see you're getting settled in your new place.

my son is on a gluten-free (no wheat, oats, or barley), and dairy-free diet, so let me know if you need more ideas!

Matroskin said...

You have made some lovely things. I like your style of writing!

memmu said...

Great to hear from you again :)!

I too had a very bad exzema as I was younger (it was horrible as a teenager!). After I had my kids, I have had only minor problems, mostly caused by stress. Hopefully yours gets better... :)

Iloista vappua teille Turkuun!!!

Di said...

The cupboard is cute - particularly with the little boy inside - do they come from Ikea with those included??

Felicia said...

I'm on a cleaning binge myself this weekend. Mom is coming for mother's day and I want to do her proud!

Mirre said...

I wish I could spend a day in Helsinki!!
Good luck with the diet!

julie said...

we have the same shelves for my girls books!! Ok, well its not too unusual to have same ikea furniture!!

Good luck with the diet :)

Christina said...

Your shelf is very nice - especially with the adorable little boy inside! :) The smoothie sounds great; I'll have to give it a try. My son cannot have dairy, so this is a nice change of pace from soy.

tiel s-k said...

it takes 6 to 12 months to get your stuff together...but maybe longer if your children are helping!