Never get enough of them. This piece is based on an aquarel I did together with my 4-year old daughter. I first drew the bodies and then we coloured them together. She got the brilliant idea to draw claws and beaks for them. And punky hair! She's so clever! So I had to start a new sewing project... More pictures on flickr. I think these birds will fly on coming quilts of mine, I like how they look so much! One is already flying over a house I've sketched.

I found some human friends for my animal-and-bird-pouches here. So cute! And take some time to look at miss Pompon's photostream, these pigeons for example. Her creations are amazing!

I'm going away with the kids for a week, don't know how I will manage without my sewing machine. But I will meet good friends, and there ARE fabric shops where they live too :) So I guess it will be all great. Then I have to come home and start packing. Have I told you a million times that we are moving
already? Well we are. Only a month left. Tomorrow I will take a bunch of stuff to the fleamarket. I will. But can I just make a small house quilt first?


Megan said...

This is so amazing, I absolutely love it.

Kristina said...

Love your birds - and what a clever little girl you have ;o)
I'm TOtally obsessing over here about Miss Pom Pom! I just LOVE her work too!
Have a great trip Kajsa!!!!

Miss Frugality said...

Great collaboration !Have a good week :- )

Mirre said...

Wonderful quilt!
Have fun on your trip!

kristin (Kleas) said...

i absolutely love the whole inspiration behind this quilt...what a lovely story. enjoy a blogging break!

tiel s-k said...

show me more,show me more. I'm loving what I see.

Anonymous said...

jag kom just på att du int har gort nån fiskpåse, det måst du ju! man kan ju laga hur grannt som helst och glittrigt :)

sis e

tiffany et al. said...

beautiful birds. what a perfect way of preserving that moment with your daughter.