No snow, but sun, sun, sun today! I've felt so energetic just beacuse we got a few hours sunlight today. And I do realise that I've become one of those old farts that talk about nothing but the weather... But when you only have six hours of so called daylight you get like this. But I will talk about other things! Now.

I found a linen fabric that was exactly what I was looking for for my bags. It is firm enough to give some structure, the price was very ok and it was even Made in Finland. It has a quite strong natural smell, but that just adds a country feeling to it, MOOH! The picture is a sneak peak of my first bag Q
ueen of the road.

I thought it was time to do some swapping so when I saw this I had to join and I'm very excited! I love putting together colour-themed packages so I got a great partner :-)

I've started to collect fabrics for a robot- and space wallhanging design . I have a bunch of pouches waiting for zippers, but they can wait, I need to do other stuff in between. As if I had the time... I love the 1930's print (I think it's Laura Ashley) I found in my favourite fabric store. The buttons are robo-eyes.


monica said...

OH that bag looks really cool!

kirsten said...

i can't wait to see the wallhanging!

tiel s-k said...

Can't wait to see the results! lovely!

faun said...

love those fabrics together- can't wait for the final bot.