Happy new year to all old and new friends from me and the partydog (who is very happy everything is, nearly, back to normal)! My blogging time is minimal these days since T works at home and we have only one computer. We will have to move to ge more space, he needs an office and we need a proper bedroom (sitting here in the dark trying not to wake up the little one who refuses to sleep in the kids room). I hate the thought of packing and having to put away my sewing stuff for weeks again. All those ideas getting lost in that awful chaos... But its also a new start, just need to find that perfect house soon! Sigh.

Crafting. I'm trying to figure out a simple and good pattern for a bag. I try to convince myself it does not have to be perfect at the first try...

Outdoors. The weather is very strange, its like November, dark and rainy. And it is impossible to take pictures. I want snow and sunlight, how hard can it be?

Surfing. I haven't spent so much time at the computer lately, but I did some window shopping on etsy, my wishlist:
* a necklace
* a chair
* a chandelier
* a tee with scissors
* art for the walls and more
* and a tee for him

This will be a great year, I can feel it!


kirsten said...

happy new year and happy house hunting!

Peter said...

Happy new year to you too! :just some random guy popping in from somewhere afar:

tiel S-K said...

hi K, Happy NY to you and your family. Good luck with the house hunting, I hope that you will be able to find something you are happy with...and something that has space!

Rachael Herbert said...

Best wishes for the New Year. Love your little party dog pouch, it is so adorable!