Thinking about sewing for kids

I used to make lots of clothes for my daughter and I have been getting Ottobre design for a few years back now. I like the patterns very much. The design is very good, they make an effort to make the clothes both look good and fit real children (wearable clothes in other words). BUT my time for sewing isn't what it used to be so I wonder why I have all this magazines when I never get the time to make anything. However. My son won't be 7 months all his life I hope... I posted a list of the sites that I go to get inspired when sewing for my kids, I might come up with more later. I wanted to post a picture despite my lack of time so I'll show you an application on what is/was supposed to become a Spring jacket for Little E. I got inspired by this light blue fabric that I've been saving for a while.


joy madison said...

this is so stinkin adorable!!!!

mai said...

very beautiful!

Sabine said...

such a beautiful and cool application!

Chickpea said...

I remembered that jacket you made. It's great!
the fabric is cool too, what is the brand something local?
I made my first Ottobre thing today (a hat) and I have been subscribing for years!