Overcoming the stage fright

I have suffered from something closely related to stage fright the two days I've been working full-time with the kids away at school and daycare. Suddenly I have all that time I have been longing for the last weeks. Where to begin??

I started off making a bunch of houses for the fair on Friday. Today I allowed myself to make a little art quilt. You can see a peek of it above next to my granny's old dress that I took out to get some air. The photo is taken on our balcony outside my craft room. The white wooden wall is the only decent background to take pictures against in this house. Have I mentioned before how much I hate our greyish white rented walls? Well, I do. Can't wait to move to a home where I can paint my walls! While I am waiting I will be going over to my friend Sofia (who, speaking about stage fright, is an actress) next week and take some pics for the shop against her turquoise walls. She's got a beautiful home, I'll take some pictures of that too with her permission. The quilt is called Autumn in the park. I used brights on a raw unbleached linen background, I like the effect very much.
Today I got art prints of the 11 birds (above) and the tree, I think they look gorgeous, the stitches are much more visible than on the postcards. They are digitally printed on Finnish Terreus 250 g/m2 paper, which has a lovely matte textured surface. It is the same paper that I chose for the postcards. They measure 21 x 30 cm, which is the size of a regular paper so it should be easy to find a frame for them! Available in the shop.


Gina said...

Sounds like you've been really productive!

Jacquie said...

i ordered the birds and tree prints from your shop. i can't wait until they arrive. they'll be a wonderful addition to my studio. i can't believe i'm going to have some of your work. yippee!!!

Lesley said...

I love your new art quilt and it looks so beautiful with your grandmother's lovely dress :)

Off to have a look at those gorgeous prints now....


Rachelmp said...

They look just beautiful!

Apryl said...

love the new mini-quilt.. I have a mad thing for trees at the moment... I have been teaching myself to do embroidery whilst packing the house to move. I just blogged a tree that I embroidered last night.. the third thing I have "paited with thread".

I know what you mean about stage fright about having the house to yourself to do your crafting.. you freeze up and cant think where to begin... then you go on the computer for some inspiration and there goes the day oohhing and ahhhing over peoples pretty blog posts. :o)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Fancy a challenge?
Come and join the camper van swap I'm running on my blog - I'd love to see a camper van quilt made by you!