Follow your heart

One of my most popular photos over at flickr is the one of two turquoise linen dresses for little girls. I have been meaning to put the follow-your-heart appliqué on other things too. Orders, life and time has kept me from doing it, but today I decided to make some cushion covers for my shop. I just needed to follow my heart, instead of my to-do-list, today ;) There will be more cushions during the coming week, I'm off to shop some more linen now. Meanwhile I suggest you take a look at Sara Ahearn 's work, so beautiful!

Oh, and that chair, I know you are going to ask, is from Ikea. I bought it last Summer.


Katy said...

I was going to ask too!!! ha ha! Gorgeous cushion, I just spotted it on flickr.

Lesley said...

Your cushion is beautiful and those little turquoise dresses are GORGEOUS!!!!
Your weekend with your parents sounds lovely and how nice of you to make us all a cake :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love it when you can stop doing what you HAVE to do and be creative with something you WANT to make! (I'm feeling under pressure with lots of HAVE to do work at the moment!)

Love your cushions and those dresses are stunning! Lucy x

Gina said...

The cushion and dress designs are beautiful - such gorgeous simple designs but so effective. I love my make up bag too - thank you!

seemownay said...

Gorgeous! Those dresses are so adorable.
I also put aside the have-tos and went with the want-tos today. It was a great feeling!

Rikkianne said...


I wanna see that spring jacket too:)

kennedy & friends said...

this would look so pretty in my bedroom...which is red walls, black furniture, and white linens. perfecto!

Yummers! said...

I think the blue dresses are lovely. You just get better and better with each item you share.

The birthday cake would be great on a card... hint, hint!

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

i wanted to thank you for mentioning me on your blog- there have been lots of sweet comments on mine because of your post! thanks for everything and I love your new work! xo, sarah