Spring fashion

7 birds scarf, originally uploaded by -syko-.

It's snowing again, but I am doing my best to help Spring to fly in. Todays contribution is this Spring scarf, I made it a little wider than my previous scarves. This one is in the shop, but I think I'm going to wear one myself next week, when we go to the first night of this opera. T has made sound design for a robot they will have in the foyer. So cool. The project is. AND the fact that I am going to a first night with grown-up people. I hope I will behave myself.

On Friday I will get the postcards I've been waiting for (one with a flock of Spring birds) + a few other printed products my brother has helped me with. Yes, a bike with a pile of fabric too, thanks for asking! I'm so excited!

Carina was kind enough to interview me, please head over to her craft blog, if you are curious to see what I had to say about my craft! And check out her shop too. This crocheted blanket is so beautiful and well made!

*edit* for those of you who haven't seen the origin of my crazy birds, it can be found here.


Lesley said...

Your scarf is beautiful - I love the way you do your birds! A grown up night out at the opera sounds wonderful :)

Going to have a browse in your shop now...


LizzieJane said...

What a lovely cheerful scarf.

I am also longing for spring, it will be nice to see the sun for longer than ten minutes.
Have fun at the opera.

Megan said...

Best spring scarf ever!

bettyninja said...

Oh I don't know which I love more the scarf- so light and fun looking or the great bicycle image with fabric.

karen said...

Love the bike, it's amazing

Rikkianne said...

Loved your interview and ADORE the scarf!

Have a lovely week:)

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Oh my!
I just found your blog today which in turn sent me to your flickr page.
Your stuff is amazing!
I love the little house mini quilts you did a while ago.

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Love your scarf. Enjoy your big people night out! You deserve it. I'll read your interview soon!

Ruth's Place said...

Love that scarf! Have a great time at the opera. Opera with a robot sounds like heaps of fun!

KajaDesign said...

Love the scarf!

painted fish studio said...

i love the scarf, and the origins of the crazy birds!

Katy said...

I wish spring would hurry up...last week it seemed to be close by, but now it's cold again. Rubbish winter weather!!!

A grown up night out - how exciting, I hope you do behave yourself..but then again, sometimes it's quite a lot of fun not to!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi there,

I have just been looking on your Etsy shop and your stuff is so lovely!! I am hoping one day to also do textiles as a full time job but for now it's just a dream.



Chara Michele said...

Lovely scarf!

Ana Rosa said...

I love your crafts!!!