I love to inspire, so today I would like you to head over to Carla over at Thriftin' and Craftin' and see what a little quilt of mine can do! So exciting!

The quilt is ready, I spent a horrifying 40 minutes expecting the worst while it was in the washing machine, but it made it and the clouds look just as fluffy as expected. Will post a picture tomorrow when it has dried!


Thriftin and Craftin said...

How FUN!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for giving my post a mention here. You already left a cool idea on my blog that had never entered my mind. I can't draw to save my life so that's probably why I never thought of it. Hopefully lots of people will join us, and CREATE!!!! Thanks for the inspiration, and the kind words!

Anina said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning!

Katy said...

what a great idea, I'm off to visit thriftin and craftin now.

Can't wait to see the quilt all washed and finished!

KajaDesign said...

I visited thriftin and craftin now... Very fun idéa. I have an idea of something that I have intended to make "soon". Now it gets a bit sooner...

Love the quilt btw. Lots and lots of work, but it is absolutely stunning!

KajaDesign said...

Just wanted to slip you a message that I got inspired for real now!!

Look here!