Cloudy inspiration

wip, originally uploaded by -syko-.

I do have a lot of orders in line waiting for my attention and I AM working on them, but sometimes I have to take a break and follow an impulse. This cloud here is one of those. Got to use this lovely raindrop fabric from Blank textiles, that's been burning on the shelf since I got it. I love the feeling of inspiration, when an idea just pops up and has to be tried out. I think it is a similar rush people get when they take drugs. But don't worry, I don't need any, my brains do their job so well. I also love working as a factory, those days that are just ordinary and grey and all ideas have rained away I am very happy to have a pile of cushion-covers-to-be to take care of. The cloud is going to fly on a cushion too.

Here is another umbrella art quilt for the real optimist :) It's in the shop too.


Yummers! said...

I love the rain drop fabric and the way you carried it through onto the background fabric. Really cute!!

I know that feeling of HAVING to try an idea that's dashing around in your head. I had that happen a few nights ago and couldn't wait to get up and get going on it. I'm almost done and will post it later today or tomorrow. And it turned out just the way my little mind envisioned it. Funny how some of us work like that and how some can't visualize at all.
Have a fun day creating!

Katy said...

For the first day in ages the sun is out and there are no rain clouds here today - I think you've sewn them onto the cushion! I love it it looks great - can't wait to see it finished.

life in yonder said...

Your rainy cloud looks lovely and your crafting always make me smile. I too love the rush of new ideas that have to be tried out "right here right now". Popping buy your blog makes my day!

Ruth's Place said...

It's lovely - My problem is too many ideas and not enough time!

glasfaden said...

I've seen them today in your shop, as I was selecting items to be featured in the EST treasury. I really like them - simple and beautiful (but all your creations are!!!) :)

dawnkristine said...

Great work! I too have always many projects at one time, must be the creative spirit!