J is for jaguar - mini art quilt, originally uploaded by -syko-.

I am back in business again and yesterday I finished a wholesale order of ABC quilts. The customer wanted E and M for girls and C, T and J for boys. Some of the letters were really tricky, I had to squeeze the dictionary for good words, but the most drastic thing I did for this project was to buy fabric with a jaguar pattern :) I wanted the style of the quilts to be close to unisex, I am not so fond of the common colour codes for boys and girls. My son chose this shirt for himself.

Now I can move on to next order, today I am working on a dinosaur cushion, however T says it looks like a giraffe-dragon so I hope the new owner won't disapprove of it...
I also want to thank Chelsea for sending me this super cute unicorn print! She wanted to thank me for featuring this cute baby set in a treasury that was featured on etsy's front page. Chelsea steals her husband Nate's art and sells it on etsy. Don't you just love Chelsea's business idea?


Ruth's Place said...

Love your son's shirt. I don't subscribe to gender colour codes for kids either, though my daughter does have a ton of pink she was given. Anyway, Love your J quilt, the jaguar fabric is perfect.

amandajean said...

your J quilt is FANTASTIC!!! I love it.

Mystele said...

the quilt is fantabulous! i love your work.

saraeden said...

I love the jaguar , in fact i love the whole quilt !!!

I hope you are well now ... we have all had terrible colds !!

Sara x