I was going through the list of featured sellers on etsy the other day, among other things they ask the sellers where they find inpiration. I started to make my own list in my head while walking little E to sleep. So here it goes (make your own on your blog if you like and come back and let me know!):

  • people and their colours. I love how people have their own favourite colour combos. Meeting a new person can make me fall in love with a colour shade I didn't use before or didn't even know existed. Which leeds us to: - colours and combinations of colours
  • fabrics, materials, structures
  • beautiful pictures (there are so many good illustrators out there!)
  • kids drawings (so fascinating and ... makes me accept my own drawings)
  • Snow!!! And light! The dark times of floods and November rains are over! Now we live in Winter Wonderland, hurray! It snowed so much today I couldn't take my camera outside, but I will tomorrow!

And the Rabbit-with-a-K-bag is in the shop. I grabbed that Laura Ashley-fabric in the store because I liked the calm colour scheme and suddenly a bunny just appeared on it. I'm making more bags, it's great to make something bigger for a change, and I'm satisified with the size and shape of it. In school I used to carry around all my books in my bag because I was too lazy to take away the non-homework ones from day to day. That was just to tell you why I need a big handbag.


ruth said...

I was the same at school. I must have lugged home over 10 kilos of books every day for 5 years in high school. I tend to have big handbags now too. Love your new bag btw.

Robyn said...

That bag is really great!

Mirre said...

So much snow?!! We still have had none this year :(

Anne said...

Such a wonderful bag!

tiel s-k said...

thanks for your inspiration. the bag is really lovely.

amandajean said...

your bag is just wonderful! I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading it! your little one is precious. :)