Quilting frogs and some cleaning

Cow, dog, rabbit, bear, monkey, giraffe, alligator, elephant, furry sheep, angora rabbit, gecko or lizard, spider, octopus, troll or ant. Thank you for all those great suggestions for coming pouch designs! I ended up doing frogs... Which no one of you suggested. Sorry, but the idea just came up while working on this baby quilt, a custom order for a friend. I will have pouches ready soon with a couple of the suggested animals ;-)

Making the crib quilt was great practise, I wrote down every minute I was working on it. Good for the future I thought (good to think once in a while...). It will be easier to estimate the price before making the quilt next time. I had it ready about an hour before my friend picked it up so I didn't have the time to take any pictures in daylight. We have all been ill so that kept me from quilting it earlier, I had the top ready two weeks ago. Once I was ready to start with the quilting I realized the 505 spray (for gluing fabric) bottle was empty so I went to town to get some more. Nope. You can't get it anywhere. But they will order it for me and I will have it next week. Thanks but too late. So I ended up working with lots of needles again. I wont do it again.

I have started my first Christmas project, I had small scraps of fabric with vliesofix on which looked like gnome caps (=tomteluva). So I decided to make some greeting cards. I like this fresh color combination. And they can be used after Christams as well. A garden gnown for a gardener maybe? Find some more gnome inspiration here. They are so cute!

And since it's Friday, some cleaning tips for other desperate housewives... Take a brush, make a pile of everything that's lying around the floor. Collect everything that belongs to the same category, put it in its place. Saves a lot of steps. And my 4-year old agrees to help a little when we do it this way.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Ruth said...

I love frogs! The quilt looks great. As for the housekeeping tips, that brought a big smile to my face.

kirsten said...

so how long DID it take you? quilts are definitely gifts from the heart - they take a lot of time, energy, ($$), and thought.

LOVE the broom idea - good one! :)

Ali said...

Off to look for my broom - great tip (and lovely frog)!

Sabine said...

Lovely frog!
And the quilt looks adorable!


Anonymous said...

jättesöt groda! fin krage. efter den här veckan börjar vi ny period så sen har jag mera tid att sy. snart är det ju december.

största e

jojo* said...

You're so kind. I usually sweep everything up, toys and all, and threaten to throw everything away. That guarantees that the boys will help. HA HA!

Already mentioned this on flickr, but I loooove that quilt.