Anger management and happy things

Where should I start today? Maybe with my name... Robyn asked me how to pronounce my name, I had a hard time finding out how to explain it in words without using fonetic writing, but I think you
will have an idea if you pronounce Kysa in English.

I'm adding products to my new etsy shop everyday, but the kids got ill again so my spare time is, yeah, you know, you've heard that song before :-) The first (and only) mail I've got from etsy since I opened my shop a few days ago was from some rude bastard telling me my prices were too high. Which of course made me lie awake thinking about it. Luckily I'm quite used to sleepless nights with those two cuties around. And I decided I didn't have to explain my thoughts and values when it comes to quality, design and handicraft to her. But acctually I've already forgotten about that.

I continued my series of zippered pouches with the cat above, I'm participating in the Pack it up small swap and my partner seemed to be a cat person. I quite like how it turned out myself (I used to be afraid of making too cute stuff, maybe I thought the art police would come and get me...) so today I've been making piggy pouches too after seeing these. My wise sister came up with the brilliant idea to put removable shoulder straps on the pouches. That would make them more usable. Party bags for those people who go to parties. I might wear a piggy when me and T go out for dinner in two weeks! A christmas present we got from his parents last year (they will look after the kids). Dinner and cinema just the two of us, can you imagine! So know with my birthday coming up we decided its time. Can't remember what the last film I saw was (TV does not count).

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! One year old little E has not taken his first steps yet, but the list of words he knows is getting longer everyday. It's so lovely to be able to communicate with the little guy.

And I also finished my first navy bag.

And a skirt for big E that's been lying around for a year or so.

And a birthday present for another one year old. They are called streamers in English, aren't they?

And check out this link, great inspiration and such!

And thanks again Kirsten for those cute tags you sent me!

And I shouldn't really be complaining, it looks like I got a lot done lately, maybe I should spend more time with my kids...


Robyn said...

Thanks for the pronunciation. And I like what's up in the shop!

Ruth said...

Don't worry about the rude bastard. You're prices are what they are because of the materials and time that you put into them. Crafters often under-value their time. Stick to your guns, your stuff is great and I'm sure people would buy it - I would if I didn't live in a country that had a 10 to one exchange rate with the euro. :)

As for the gift for a little boy, I think technically you would call that bunting. But I'm willing to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

thanks for calling me wise :) the pig is so cute. i cant wait until i get mine! i'm lucky to have such a talanted sister!

kram största e