3 things ready in one day!!

Yesterday was a good day except little E was whining all day. But he slept a few times in between so I finished big E's placemat. Thank you Moonstiches for the inspiration! Elsa wrote her name on it and I did the embroidery on it.

The small pictures of details of the placemat and one of the pouches I also finished are supposed to symbolize the fact that there is a macro button on my camera. And I found it. It was very easy. It took me half a year. And I'm so stupid. I have to do some practise using it as you can see on the bird.


caro said...

I love the wee bird. It's great!
As far as the detail pics go, I picked up a small tripod at Target for ~$12 that helps immensely with my macro shots.

maria said...

vad mycket fint du gör, jätteinspirerande bilder :-)

melissa said...

Beautiful work! I love the placemat, and your pouches make me so happy.

syko said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, you make me happy!

mangetsu said...

This little puch is too lovely!
And what a nice idea to include your daughter's own handwritten name on the placemat. Makes it truly personal.

Such a pleasure to see how one crafter inspires the next. As I saw Week's placemat I felt I had to make my own in an instant... so it goes on and on :-)