Spring what is that?

We're all tired of waiting now. Spring should be here. Now. And then it starts snowing. We took a walk in the forrest yesterday, that helped to calm things down a bit... And I finished my Spring table cloth (the picture) in time for Easter! I'm quite proud of the quilting, I never get enough of green vines! I love to get stuff out of the way! Today I finished one of the dotty socks I started on a few months ago, a good TV project, I WILL make the other one now. I'll show it when they're both ready. My project for the coming weeks will be to cover a jacket with Union Jacks for my dad. It's supposed to match his drum set :) His birthday 4th May is my deadline. I got a flag from him, I'm thinking about making a softie out of it as a surprise gift to go with the jacket... I haven't found any buttons with the Brittish flag, anyone have a clue where I can get any?

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