I have a confession to make... I've promised myself not to buy any crafts supplies in April, but I had to buy some yarn for Easter and I don't feel sorry at all :) We went to visit my MiL so I had to have something to do, I decided to finish the dotty socks for my sister and ran out of yarn so I just had to buy some more because I really want to finish this project! BUT with MiL looking after the kids I spent most of Easter reading Girl With a Pearl by Tracey Chevalier... Wonderful book for a Mum who want's to take some time off and dream away! Have to get her newest book too!

I've been working on reducing my stash, I'm making small pouches, I can't finish them though cause I don't have any zippers. There is one of them on the picture, had to show it togehter with the unfinished socks when I realised how well they go together :) The dotty fabric is for the back.

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stephanie s said...


the socks look great, i love the dots - and i thing that little pouch is going to be lovely, on 2 may you can post a picture, because you can not buy anything more until the end of the month!